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Why does SimplePort not generate Invoices, only Sales Receipts or Payments?
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In QuickBooks, a sale is represented by either a Sales Receipt or an Invoice and matching Payment. SimplePort currently converts sales transactions into either a Sales Receipt or a Payment in QuickBooks.

Invoices do not credit or debit the PayPal account (which SimplePort is focused on balancing). If we included Invoices, we would still have to generate the matching Payment to keep the PayPal account in balance.

Payments are matched to Invoices manually in the "Receive Payments" window, which is time consuming. Once matched, the net effect is the same as a Sales Receipt (debit PayPal, credit Sales).

Sales Receipt debits the Paypal account and credits the Sales Income account (contains sales details).

An Invoice debits Accounts Receivable and credits the Sales Income account (contains sales details).

Payment debits the PayPal account and credits Accounts Receivable (does not contain any sales details).

Separate Invoice and Payments are useful if the sale and payment are separated (by either time or data source) and therefore need to be entered separately. With PayPal/SimplePort both are coming into QuickBooks at the same time and are in the past (an after-the-fact transaction) so a Sales Receipt is an appropriate format to include both the payment and the details of the sale.

It would be possible to generate an Invoice as well the Payment, but the net effect of a matched Invoice and Payment is identical to a Sales Receipt (with additional manual labor). SimplePort subscribers are currently satisfied with this form of sales record (so far anyway).

here is no technical difficulty in adding Invoices to the output (the detail information is the same as a Sales Receipt) it just debits Accounts Receivable instead of Paypal. However, we try to not add more complexity to SimplePort unless there is a definite subscriber benefit.

Given this explanation, if you believe you require Invoices and Payments rather than Sales Receipts for these sales then please email us at: Please provide an example and we'll consider adding this option to SimplePort as a future enhancement.


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