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About Us

At Simple Business Systems, the name says it all…
We strive to maintain the “Keep It Simple Syndrome” (aka “KISS”) by supplying tools that simplify and speed the routine tasks of doing business for sales, business and accounting professionals.

What We Do…
We provide services to assist business and accounting professionals in managing their daily financial activities. Use SimplePort to balance and reconcile PayPal transactions in QuickBooks. Let Simple Business Systems provide you the means and methods to keep your business on track the simple way!

The concept for SimplePort came from our own experience as eBay sellers and buyers (selling since 2001, with high approval ratings). Obviously, we are also PayPal users. Our own use of QuickBooks brought about a realization, QuickBooks environments are a lot like snowflakes. Every QuickBooks company file is similar, but every QuickBooks company file is also specific to that business and no two businesses are exactly alike... just like a snowflake.

We realized, to fully utilize QuickBooks functions required more detailed data import capabilities than were available through any current service or application.  We were also not to keen on using Excel to create QuickBooks import files.

As software engineers and data security professionals we determined a web-based PayPal-to-QuickBooks data conversion service was needed (find a need and fill it) and SimplePort was born.

The service and web site have been constantly evolving since the initial release in July 2006.  All feature functionality additions and improvements have come from direct user feedback and requests, which is something we desire and are not going to change.

We provide an easy mechanism for requesting modifications and new features right on the SimplePort process page. We really desire users to inquire about new or proposed features and enhancements to the service. We cannot possibly imagine what businesses want or can do with their PayPal data in QuickBooks, but if we can make SimplePort meet those needs, we will, for the benefit of all SimplePort subscribers.

Who We Are…
Simple Business Systems was started by Network Engineering, Data Center, Software Engineering and Development professionals with more than 50 years of technology experience in the Silicon Valley and internationally.

Our Service Market…
Are home-based and small-to-medium businesses and the accountants or bookeepers that provide them support. We recognize the need for businesses to get their financial and business data from PayPal to QuickBooks accurately and seamlessly. SimplePort stands out in usability, flexibility and accuracy, easily meeting these requirements. As a subscription based service the difficulty of downloading, installing, registering and regularly updating application software is eliminated. Any changes to PayPal or QuickBooks are managed by our development staff and immediately incorporated into SimplePort. With a low monthly fee, SimplePort Pro or SimplePort Lite is the solution for many businesses that need a reliable service at a reasonable price to manage on-line merchant service data integration to desktop accounting applications.

Commitment to Our Subscribers…
Simple Business Systems has created a solution that is both simple and cost effective, a service that anyone can use. Our subscribers have stated SimplePort has saved them literally hundreds of hours managing their PayPal transaction in QuickBooks. The old adage "time is money" is very true, by eliminating the excessive time previously used before SimplePort was available our subscribers are creating revenue by directing their time and energy to more productive endeavors, such as running their business. In today's fast-paced and increasingly electronic business environment, it is service that separates merely good from exceptional. We are highly motivated to provide superior service and support to our subscribers and fill that exceptional service role.


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