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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried a couple of days with the free trial...just to see how it worked. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am sold! I purchased the subscription and I am ecstatic! I have been manually entering all of my transactions one by one by one for the past year and a, what a pain! I stumbled across your service yesterday and can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am! Your customer service is OUTSTANDING! The detailed instructions that are provided are perfect!  Thanks again for an outstanding product and phenomenal customer service! You have gained another loyal customer!

- Venus Kuchling,

"Compliments.... You guys really do deserve a lot of praise for the SimplePort service. I have been using it for over a year now, and have yet to experience any problems. SimplePort is rock-solid and highly reliable. This is extremely important, as no one wants bad data imported into their QuickBooks company file. When doing our PayPal data imports into QuickBooks, I never have to worry about what SimplePort is going do. It just works! We really couldn't do without it. Thanks for your continued excellent service!
- Dean Hansen, Fort Knox Metals, Inc.

“We were trying out the trial version and ran into import problems. Sent a ticket into Rod at SimplePort and his response was almost immediate. He provided a very detailed description of the issues and knows his QB inside out. I have never had this kind of support from any of my software suppliers! It was a pleasure and we have since signed up for Pro. The product is great but the support is better.”
- Mike Kelly, Logs To Lumber, LLC

"Great product, has saved me untold amount of hours on the computer."
- Patricia Tillyer,

"I sell 800+ items on eBay every month, after buying shipping labels and everything else I have over 2,000 monthly PayPal transactions. When it comes time to enter everything in QuickBooks it’s more than a mind-boggling task, it’s impossible.  Even my wife (an Accountant) was overwhelmed by all the transactions. I’m still surprised how well SimplePort works and can’t believe I used to do this by hand, I can’t imagine doing it any other way."

"Before I found SimplePort, I did try three other solutions, none were as convenient and accurate as SimplePort, not even eBay’s own “Accounting Assistant” (which I find impossible to use for reconciling your account at the end of the month, mainly because it doesn’t handle refunds well but also it doesn’t import non-eBay transactions) so, if you print shipping labels using PayPal you are in for a job."

"Reasons I like SimplePort:

  • Imports all my eBay sales and itemizes Sales & Shipping into its own category
  • Imports all my USPS Shipping expenses and puts them in the correct account
  • Imports PayPal Fees
  • Nicely deals with Refunds.
  • Imports PayPal Payments from my Website
  • SimplePort development is always ready to take suggestions and improve the software "
"SimplePort saved my Sanity and my Marriage!"
- Kai Sarasch, LLC

"Thank you, thank you... I have been trying to mess with getting my transactions into QuickBooks from PayPal and have literally spent days with little progress. Out of frustration tonight I Googled and came upon the message board where you posted this. What a relief! I can finally sleep tonight without worrying about wasting another day!"
- Matthew T Scholze, MTS Services, LLC

"You have developed a super conversion program."
- George Bein, Sedona Energy Crystals

You don't understand how HUGE this is for me. Entering and balancing our PayPal transactions has been a headache for me for the past FIVE years!!!!! If the majority of the PayPal transactions will be imported for me, this will save me huge amounts of headaches and time. I appreciate your patience with me in getting this to work. I look forward to playing with this and getting my books and sales up to date."

- Darlene MacAuley, Liquis, Inc.

"Thanks for such an awesome program!"
- Ashley Magruder, The Silky Sandwich Sheet Co.

Keep up the good work! (SimplePort) is a real lifesaver!
- Manny Veloso

"You saved me lots of time today and I as a complete novice managed to get my PayPal accounts into QuickBooks. Thank you."
Garo, Trippy Vibes

"FINALLY! If only I had this months ago -- think of the time saved... There's not much to say about this product -- it pretty much works flawlessly."
- Glenn Burgess

"The creator of (SimplePort) is a wonderful caring person that is fast to reply to emails, problems, and questions. He gives fast and clear help so unlike many of the software program help services. I am grateful I found his web site, his (SimplePort) program, and most of all I am glad a nice man is behind it all! My bookkeeping chores have just been made faster and easier."
Joni Solis, A Love 4 Horses

"I spent many many frustrating hours trying to balance our PayPal account before I found SimplePort. Once I was signed up and the settings were correct, downloading the PayPal information was a BREEZE! SimplePort's customer support is phenomenal and they were so patient
- Christy Halsell, High Sierra Woodcarvings

And so is the industry...

"SimplePort really stands out above the rest for getting those pesky PayPal records imported into QuickBooks correctly and seamlessly. Yes, you read it corectly, PayPal records can now be imported into QuickBooks without the hassel, frustration and errors we all know too well..."
- Intuit Developers Network Advisory Council, October 2006

"The sheer simplicity and ease-of-use along with the supporting documentation and helpful links make this a highly commendable service..."
- McWilliams and Associates (, February 2007